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Supplementary Classification Of Factors Influencing Health Status And Contact With Health Services

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V01-V09Persons With Potential Health Hazards Related To Communicable Diseases
V10-V19Persons With Potential Health Hazards Related To Personal And Family History
V20-V29Persons Encountering Health Services In Circumstances Related To Reproduction And Development
V30-V39Liveborn Infants According To Type Of Birth
V40-V49Persons With A Condition Influencing Their Health Status
V50-V59Persons Encountering Health Services For Specific Procedures And Aftercare
V60-V69Persons Encountering Health Services In Other Circumstances
V70-V82Persons Without Reported Diagnosis Encountered During Examination And Investigation Of Individuals And Populations
V85Body Mass Index
V86Estrogen Receptor Status
V87Other Specified Personal Exposures And History Presenting Hazards To Health
V88Acquired Absence Of Other Organs And Tissue
V89Other Suspected Conditions Not Found
V90Retained Foreign Body
V91Multiple Gestation Placenta Status