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ICD 10 PCS Chapter on Imaging (23 entries)

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ICD-10-PCS Code Block Description
B0Central Nervous System
B3Upper Arteries
B4Lower Arteries
B7Lymphatic System
B9Ear, Nose, Mouth and Throat
BBRespiratory System
BDGastrointestinal System
BFHepatobiliary System and Pancreas
BGEndocrine System
BHSkin, Subcutaneous Tissue and Breast
BLConnective Tissue
BNSkull and Facial Bones
BPNon-Axial Upper Bones
BQNon-Axial Lower Bones
BRAxial Skeleton, Except Skull and Facial Bones
BTUrinary System
BUFemale Reproductive System
BVMale Reproductive System
BWAnatomical Regions
BYFetus and Obstetrical