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ICD 10 PCS Chapter on Medical and Surgical (31 entries)

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ICD-10-PCS Code Block Description
00Central Nervous System
01Peripheral Nervous System
02Heart and Great Vessels
03Upper Arteries
04Lower Arteries
05Upper Veins
06Lower Veins
07Lymphatic and Hemic Systems
09Ear, Nose, Sinus
0BRespiratory System
0CMouth and Throat
0DGastrointestinal System
0FHepatobiliary System and Pancreas
0GEndocrine System
0HSkin and Breast
0JSubcutaneous Tissue and Fascia
0MBursae and Ligaments
0NHead and Facial Bones
0PUpper Bones
0QLower Bones
0RUpper Joints
0SLower Joints
0TUrinary System
0UFemale Reproductive System
0VMale Reproductive System
0WAnatomical Regions, General
0XAnatomical Regions, Upper Extremities
0YAnatomical Regions, Lower Extremities