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ICD 10 Diagnosis Codes related to Diseases of male genital organs (14 entries)

Chapter: Diseases of the genitourinary system (N00-N99)
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N40 - Enlarged prostate
N41 - Inflammatory diseases of prostate
N42 - Other and unspecified disorders of prostate
N43 - Hydrocele and spermatocele
N44 - Noninflammatory disorders of testis
N45 - Orchitis and epididymitis
N46 - Male infertility
N47 - Disorders of prepuce
N48 - Other disorders of penis
N49 - Inflammatory disorders of male genital organs, not elsewhere classified
N50 - Other and unspecified disorders of male genital organs
N51 - Disorders of male genital organs in diseases classified elsewhere
N52 - Male erectile dysfunction
N53 - Other male sexual dysfunction