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HCPCS Procedure and DMEPOS codes with the prefix S8

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HCPCS Code Short Description
S8030Tantalum ring application
S8035Magnetic source imaging
S8040Topographic brain mapping
S8042Mri low field
S8049Intraoperative radiation the
S8055Us guidance fetal reduct
S8085Fluorine-18 fluorodeoxygluco
S8092Electron beam computed tomog
S8096Portable peak flow meter
S8097Asthma kit
S8100Spacer without mask
S8101Spacer with mask
S8110Peak expiratory flow rate (p
S8120O2 contents gas cubic ft
S8121O2 contents liquid lb
S8130Interferential stim 2 chan
S8131Interferential stim 4 chan
S8185Flutter device
S8186Swivel adaptor
S8189Trach supply noc
S8210Mucus trap
S8262Mandib ortho repos device
S8265Haberman feeder
S8270Enuresis alarm
S8301Infect control supplies nos
S8415Supplies for home delivery
S8420Custom gradient sleev/glov
S8421Ready gradient sleev/glov
S8422Custom grad sleeve med
S8423Custom grad sleeve heavy
S8424Ready gradient sleeve
S8425Custom grad glove med
S8426Custom grad glove heavy
S8427Ready gradient glove
S8428Ready gradient gauntlet
S8429Gradient pressure wrap
S8430Padding for comprssn bdg
S8431Compression bandage
S8450Splint digit
S8451Splint wrist or ankle
S8452Splint elbow
S8460Camisole post-mast
S8490100 insulin syringes
S8930Auricular electrostimulation
S8940Hippotherapy per session
S8948Low-level laser trmt 15 min
S8950Complex lymphedema therapy,
S8990Pt or manip for maint
S8999Resuscitation bag