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HCPCS Procedure and DMEPOS codes with the prefix S0

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HCPCS Code Short Description
S0012Butorphanol tartrate, nasal
S0014Tacrine hydrochloride, 10 mg
S0017Injection, aminocaproic acid
S0020Injection, bupivicaine hydro
S0021Injection, cefoperazone sod
S0023Injection, cimetidine hydroc
S0028Injection, famotidine, 20 mg
S0030Injection, metronidazole
S0032Injection, nafcillin sodium
S0034Injection, ofloxacin, 400 mg
S0039Injection, sulfamethoxazole
S0040Injection, ticarcillin disod
S0073Injection, aztreonam, 500 mg
S0074Injection, cefotetan disodiu
S0077Injection, clindamycin phosp
S0078Injection, fosphenytoin sodi
S0080Injection, pentamidine iseth
S0081Injection, piperacillin sodi
S0088Imatinib 100 mg
S0090Sildenafil citrate, 25 mg
S0091Granisetron 1mg
S0092Hydromorphone 250 mg
S0093Morphine 500 mg
S0104Zidovudine, oral, 100 mg
S0106Bupropion hcl sr 60 tablets
S0108Mercaptopurine 50 mg
S0109Methadone oral 5mg
S0117Tretinoin topical 5 g
S0119Ondansetron 4 mg
S0122Inj menotropins 75 iu
S0126Inj follitropin alfa 75 iu
S0128Inj follitropin beta 75 iu
S0132Inj ganirelix acetat 250 mcg
S0136Clozapine, 25 mg
S0137Didanosine, 25 mg
S0138Finasteride, 5 mg
S0139Minoxidil, 10 mg
S0140Saquinavir, 200 mg
S0142Colistimethate inh sol mg
S0145Peg interferon alfa-2a/180
S0146Peg interferon alfa-2b/10
S0148Peg interferon alfa-2b/10
S0155Epoprostenol dilutant
S0156Exemestane, 25 mg
S0157Becaplermin gel 1%, 0.5 gm
S0164Injection pantroprazole
S0166Inj olanzapine 2.5mg
S0170Anastrozole 1 mg
S0171Bumetanide 0.5 mg
S0172Chlorambucil 2 mg
S0174Dolasetron 50 mg
S0175Flutamide 125 mg
S0176Hydroxyurea 500 mg
S0177Levamisole 50 mg
S0178Lomustine 10 mg
S0179Megestrol 20 mg
S0181Ondansetron 4 mg
S0182Procarbazine, oral
S0183Prochlorperazine 5 mg
S0187Tamoxifen 10 mg
S0189Testosterone pellet 75 mg
S0190Mifepristone, oral, 200 mg
S0191Misoprostol, oral, 200 mcg
S0194Vitamin suppl 100 caps
S0195Pneumo vaccine 5-9 yrs
S0196Poly-l-lactic acid 1ml face
S0197Prenatal vitamins 30 day
S0199Med abortion inc all ex drug
S0201Partial hospitalization serv
S0207Paramedicintercep nonhospals
S0208Paramed intrcept nonvol
S0209Wc van mileage per mi
S0215Nonemerg transp mileage
S0220Medical conference by physic
S0221Medical conference, 60 min
S0250Comp geriatr assmt team
S0255Hospice refer visit nonmd
S0257End of life counseling
S0260H&p for surgery
S0265Genetic counsel 15 mins
S0270Home std case rate 30 days
S0271Home hospice case 30 days
S0272Home episodic case 30 days
S0273Md home visit outside cap
S0274Nurse practr visit outs cap
S0280Medical home, initial plan
S0281Medical home, maintenance
S0302Completed epsdt
S0310Hospitalist visit
S0315Disease management program
S0317Disease mgmt per diem
S0320Rn telephone calls to dmp
S0340Lifestyle mod 1st stage
S0341Lifestyle mod 2 or 3 stage
S0342Lifestyle mod 4th stage
S0353Cancer treatmentplan initial
S0354Cancer treatment plan change
S0390Rout foot care per visit
S0395Impression casting ft
S0400Global eswl kidney
S0500Dispos cont lens
S0504Singl prscrp lens
S0506Bifoc prscp lens
S0508Trifoc prscrp lens
S0510Non-prscrp lens
S0512Daily cont lens
S0514Color cont lens
S0515Scleral lens liquid bandage
S0516Safety frames
S0518Sunglass frames
S0580Polycarb lens
S0581Nonstnd lens
S0590Misc integral lens serv
S0592Comp cont lens eval
S0595New lenses in pts old frame
S0596Phakic iol refractive error
S0601Screening proctoscopy
S0610Annual gynecological examina
S0612Annual gynecological examina
S0613Ann breast exam
S0618Audiometry for hearing aid
S0620Routine ophthalmological exa
S0621Routine ophthalmological exa
S0622Phys exam for college
S0625Digital screening retina
S0630Removal of sutures
S0800Laser in situ keratomileusis
S0810Photorefractive keratectomy
S0812Phototherap keratect