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HCPCS Procedure and DMEPOS codes with the prefix P9

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HCPCS Code Short Description
P9010Whole blood for transfusion
P9011Blood split unit
P9012Cryoprecipitate each unit
P9016Rbc leukocytes reduced
P9017Plasma 1 donor frz w/in 8 hr
P9019Platelets, each unit
P9020Plaelet rich plasma unit
P9021Red blood cells unit
P9022Washed red blood cells unit
P9023Frozen plasma, pooled, sd
P9031Platelets leukocytes reduced
P9032Platelets, irradiated
P9033Platelets leukoreduced irrad
P9034Platelets, pheresis
P9035Platelet pheres leukoreduced
P9036Platelet pheresis irradiated
P9037Plate pheres leukoredu irrad
P9038Rbc irradiated
P9039Rbc deglycerolized
P9040Rbc leukoreduced irradiated
P9041Albumin (human),5%, 50ml
P9043Plasma protein fract,5%,50ml
P9045Albumin (human), 5%, 250 ml
P9046Albumin (human), 25%, 20 ml
P9047Albumin (human), 25%, 50ml
P9048Plasmaprotein fract,5%,250ml
P9050Granulocytes, pheresis unit
P9051Blood, l/r, cmv-neg
P9052Platelets, hla-m, l/r, unit
P9053Plt, pher, l/r cmv-neg, irr
P9054Blood, l/r, froz/degly/wash
P9055Plt, aph/pher, l/r, cmv-neg
P9056Blood, l/r, irradiated
P9057Rbc, frz/deg/wsh, l/r, irrad
P9058Rbc, l/r, cmv-neg, irrad
P9059Plasma, frz between 8-24hour
P9060Fr frz plasma donor retested
P9603One-way allow prorated miles
P9604One-way allow prorated trip
P9612Catheterize for urine spec
P9615Urine specimen collect mult