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HCPCS Procedure and DMEPOS codes with the prefix G9

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HCPCS Code Short Description
G9001Mccd, initial rate
G9002Mccd,maintenance rate
G9003Mccd, risk adj hi, initial
G9004Mccd, risk adj lo, initial
G9005Mccd, risk adj, maintenance
G9006Mccd, home monitoring
G9007Mccd, sch team conf
G9008Mccd,phys coor-care ovrsght
G9009Mccd, risk adj, level 3
G9010Mccd, risk adj, level 4
G9011Mccd, risk adj, level 5
G9012Other specified case mgmt
G9013Esrd demo bundle level i
G9014Esrd demo bundle-level ii
G9016Demo-smoking cessation coun
G9017Amantadine hcl 100mg oral
G9018Zanamivir,inhalation pwd 10m
G9019Oseltamivir phosphate 75mg
G9020Rimantadine hcl 100mg oral
G9033Amantadine hcl oral brand
G9034Zanamivir, inh pwdr, brand
G9035Oseltamivir phosp, brand
G9036Rimantadine hcl, brand
G9041Low vision rehab occupationa
G9042Low vision rehab orient/mobi
G9043Low vision lowvision therapi
G9044Low vision rehabilate teache
G9050Oncology work-up evaluation
G9051Oncology tx decision-mgmt
G9052Onc surveillance for disease
G9053Onc expectant management pt
G9054Onc supervision palliative
G9055Onc visit unspecified nos
G9056Onc prac mgmt adheres guide
G9057Onc pract mgmt differs trial
G9058Onc prac mgmt disagree w/gui
G9059Onc prac mgmt pt opt alterna
G9060Onc prac mgmt dif pt comorb
G9061Onc prac cond noadd by guide
G9062Onc prac guide differs nos
G9063Onc dx nsclc stgi no progres
G9064Onc dx nsclc stg2 no progres
G9065Onc dx nsclc stg3a no progre
G9066Onc dx nsclc stg3b-4 metasta
G9067Onc dx nsclc dx unknown nos
G9068Onc dx sclc/nsclc limited
G9069Onc dx sclc/nsclc ext at dx
G9070Onc dx sclc/nsclc ext unknwn
G9071Onc dx brst stg1-2b hr,nopro
G9072Onc dx brst stg1-2 noprogres
G9073Onc dx brst stg3-hr, no pro
G9074Onc dx brst stg3-noprogress
G9075Onc dx brst metastic/ recur
G9077Onc dx prostate t1no progres
G9078Onc dx prostate t2no progres
G9079Onc dx prostate t3b-t4noprog
G9080Onc dx prostate w/rise psa
G9083Onc dx prostate unknwn nos
G9084Onc dx colon t1-3,n1-2,no pr
G9085Onc dx colon t4, n0 w/o prog
G9086Onc dx colon t1-4 no dx prog
G9087Onc dx colon metas evid dx
G9088Onc dx colon metas noevid dx
G9089Onc dx colon extent unknown
G9090Onc dx rectal t1-2 no progr
G9091Onc dx rectal t3 n0 no prog
G9092Onc dx rectal t1-3,n1-2noprg
G9093Onc dx rectal t4,n,m0 no prg
G9094Onc dx rectal m1 w/mets prog
G9095Onc dx rectal extent unknwn
G9096Onc dx esophag t1-t3 noprog
G9097Onc dx esophageal t4 no prog
G9098Onc dx esophageal mets recur
G9099Onc dx esophageal unknown
G9100Onc dx gastric no recurrence
G9101Onc dx gastric p r1-r2noprog
G9102Onc dx gastric unresectable
G9103Onc dx gastric recurrent
G9104Onc dx gastric unknown nos
G9105Onc dx pancreatc p r0 res no
G9106Onc dx pancreatc p r1/r2 no
G9107Onc dx pancreatic unresectab
G9108Onc dx pancreatic unknwn nos
G9109Onc dx head/neck t1-t2no prg
G9110Onc dx head/neck t3-4 noprog
G9111Onc dx head/neck m1 mets rec
G9112Onc dx head/neck ext unknown
G9113Onc dx ovarian stg1a-b no pr
G9114Onc dx ovarian stg1a-b or 2
G9115Onc dx ovarian stg3/4 noprog
G9116Onc dx ovarian recurrence
G9117Onc dx ovarian unknown nos
G9123Onc dx cml chronic phase
G9124Onc dx cml acceler phase
G9125Onc dx cml blast phase
G9126Onc dx cml remission
G9128Onc dx multi myeloma stage i
G9129Onc dx mult myeloma stg2 hig
G9130Onc dx multi myeloma unknown
G9131Onc dx brst unknown nos
G9132Onc dx prostate mets no cast
G9133Onc dx prostate clinical met
G9134Onc nhlstg 1-2 no relap no
G9135Onc dx nhl stg 3-4 not relap
G9136Onc dx nhl trans to lg bcell
G9137Onc dx nhl relapse/refractor
G9138Onc dx nhl stg unknown
G9139Onc dx cml dx status unknown
G9140Frontier extended stay demo
G9141Influenza a h1n1,admin w cou
G9142Influenza a h1n1, vaccine
G9143Warfarin respon genetic test
G9147Outpt iv insulin tx any mea
G9148Medical home level 1
G9149Medical home level ii
G9150Medical home level iii
G9151Mapcp demo state
G9152Mapcp demo community
G9153Mapcp demo physician
G9156Evaluation for wheelchair
G9157Transesoph doppl cardiac mon
G9158Motor speech d/c status
G9159Lang comp current status
G9160Lang comp goal status
G9161Lang comp d/c status
G9162Lang express current status
G9163Lang express goal status
G9164Lang express d/c status
G9165Atten current status
G9166Atten goal status
G9167Atten d/c status
G9168Memory current status
G9169Memory goal status
G9170Memory d/c status
G9171Voice current status
G9172Voice goal status
G9173Voice d/c status
G9174Speech lang current status
G9175Speech lang goal status
G9176Speech lang d/c status
G9186Motor speech goal status
G9187Bpci home visit
G9188Beta not given no reason
G9189Beta pres or already taking
G9190Medical reason for no beta
G9191Pt reason for no beta
G9192System reason for no beta
G9193Doc not eligible for dep med
G9194Mdd pt treated for 180d
G9195Mdd pt not treated for 180d
G9196Med reason for no ceph
G9197Order for ceph
G9198No order for ceph no reason
G9199Doc reason for no vte
G9200No reason for no vte
G9201Vte given upon admission
G9202Hep c aby pos
G9203Hep c rna done prior to med
G9204No reason for no hep c rna
G9205Hep c antiviral started
G9206Hep c therapy started
G9207Hep c genotype prior to med
G9208No reason for no hep c geno
G9209Hep c rna 4to12 wk after med
G9210No hepc rna after med docrsn
G9211No hepc rna after med no rsn
G9212Doc of dsm-iv init eval
G9213No doc of dsm-iv
G9214Cd4 count documented
G9215No cd4 count no reason
G9216No pcp proph at dx no reason
G9217No pcp proph low cd4 norsn
G9218No pcp prop low at cd4 norsn
G9219No oder pjp for med reason
G9220No order for pjp for medrsn
G9221Pjp proph prescribed
G9222Pjp proph ordered low cd4
G9223Pjp proph ordered cd4 low
G9224Medrsn no foot exam
G9225Norsn no foot exam
G92263 comp foot exam completed
G9227Docrsn no care plan
G9228Gc chl syp documented
G9229Ptrsn no gc chl syp test
G9230Norsn for gc chl syp test
G9231Doc esrd dia trans preg
G9232Docrsn no comm comorb
G9233Tkr composite
G9234Tkr intent
G9235Gs mg composite
G9236Op rad mg composite
G9237Gs mg intent
G9238Op rad mg intent
G9239Docrsn for catheter
G9240Doc pt w cath maint dia
G9241Doc pt w out cath maint dia
G9242Doc viral load >=200
G9243Doc viral load <200
G9244Antiviral not ordered
G9245Antiviral ordered
G9246No med visit in 24mo
G92471 med visit in 24mo
G9248No med visit 6mo
G9249Med visit w in 6mo
G9250Doc of pain comfort 48hr
G9251Doc no pain comfort 48hr
G9252Neo detect scrn colo
G9253No neo detect scrn colo
G9254Doc pt dischg >2d
G9255Doc pt dischg <=2d
G9256Doc death after cas
G9257Doc stroke after cas
G9258Doc stroke after cea
G9259Doc surv no stroke after cas
G9260Doc death after cea
G9261Doc surv no stroke after cea
G9262Doc death in hosp aaa repair
G9263Doc surv in hosp aaa repair
G9264Docrsn for cath maint dia
G9265Doc cath >90d for maint dia
G9266Norsn pt cath >=90d
G9267Doc comp or mort w in 30d
G9268Doc comp or mort w in 90d
G9269Doc no comp or mort w in 30d
G9270Doc no comp or mort w in 90d
G9271Ldl under 100
G9272Ldl 100 and over
G9273Sys<140 and dia<90
G9274Bp out of nrml limits
G9275Doc of non tobacco user
G9276Doc of tobacco user
G9277Doc daily aspirin or contra
G9278Doc no daily aspirin
G9279Pne scrn done doc vac done
G9280Pne not given norsn
G9281Pne scrn done doc not ind
G9282Doc medrsn no histo type
G9283Hist type doc on report
G9284No hist type doc on report
G9285Site not small cell lung ca
G9286Doc antibio order w in 7d
G9287No doc antibio order w in 7d
G9288Doc medrsn no hist type rpt
G9289Doc type nsm lung ca
G9290No doc type nsm lung ca
G9291Not nsm lung ca
G9292Medrsn no pt category
G9293No pt category on report
G9294Pt cat and thck on report
G9295Non cutaneous loc
G9296Doc share dec prior proc
G9297No doc share dec prior proc
G9298Eval risk vte card 30d prior
G9299No eval riskk vte card prior
G9300Doc medrsn no compl antibio
G9301Doc compl inf antibio
G9302Norsn incomp inf antibio
G9303Norsn no pros info op rpt
G9304Pros info op rpt
G9305No interv req for leak
G9306Interv req for leak
G9307No ret for surg w in 30d
G9308Unplnd ret to surg w in 30d
G9309No unplnd hosp readm in 30d
G9310Unplnd hosp readm in 30d
G9311No surg site infection
G9312Surgical site infection
G9313Docrsn not first line amox
G9314Norsn not first line amox
G9315Doc first line amox
G9316Doc comm risk calc
G9317No doc comm risk calc
G9318Image std nomenclature
G9319Image not std nomenclature
G9320Medrsn no std nomenclature
G9321Doc count of ct in 12mo
G9322No doc count of ct in 12mo
G9323Mdrsn no doc cnt of ct
G9324Not all data norsn
G9325Medrsn no ct rpt to reg
G9326Norsn no ct rpt to reg
G9327Ct rpt to reg
G9328Medrsn no dicom format doc
G9329Norsn no dicom format doc
G9340Dicom format doc on rpt
G9341Srch for ct w in 12 mos
G9342No srch for ct in 12mo norsn
G9343Medrsn no dicom srch
G9344Sysrsn no dicom srch
G9345Follow up pulm nod
G9346No follow up pulm nod
G9347No follow up pulm nod norsn
G9348Docrsn no sinus ct dx
G9349Doc sinus ct 28d
G9350No doc sinus ct 28d or dx
G9351Doc >1 sinus ct w 90d dx
G9352Not >1 sinus ct w 90d dx
G9353Medrsn >1 sinus ct w 90d dx
G9354Norsn >1 sinus ct w 90d dx
G9355No early ind/delivery
G9356Early ind/delivery
G9357Pp eval/edu perf
G9358Pp eval/edu not perf
G9359Doc of neg or man pos tb scn
G9360No doc of neg or man pos tb