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HCPCS Procedure and DMEPOS codes with the prefix G8

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HCPCS Code Short Description
G8006Ami pt recd aspirin at arriv
G8007Ami pt did not receiv aspiri
G8008Ami pt ineligible for aspiri
G8009Ami pt recd bblock at arr
G8010Ami pt did not rec bblock
G8011Ami pt inelig bbloc at arriv
G8012Pneum pt recv antibiotic 4 h
G8013Pneum pt w/o antibiotic 4 hr
G8014Pneum pt not elig antibiotic
G8015Diabetic pt w/ hba1c>9%
G8016Diabetic pt w/ hba1c
G8017Dm pt inelig for hba1c measu
G8018Care not provided for hba1c
G8019Diabetic pt w/ldl>= 100mg/dl
G8020Diab pt w/ldl< 100mg/dl
G8021Diab pt inelig for ldl meas
G8022Care not provided for ldl
G8023Dm pt w bp>=140/80
G8024Diabetic pt wbp<140/80
G8025Diabetic pt inelig for bp me
G8026Diabet pt w no care re bp me
G8027Hf p w/lvsd on ace-i/arb
G8028Hf pt w/lvsd not on ace-i/ar
G8029Hf pt not elig for ace-i/arb
G8030Hf pt w/lvsd on bblocker
G8031Hf pt w/lvsd not on bblocker
G8032Hf pt not elig for bblocker
G8033Pmi-cad pt on bblocker
G8034Pmi-cad pt not on bblocker
G8035Pmi-cad pt inelig bblocker
G8036Ami-cad pt doc on antiplatel
G8037Ami-cad pt not docu on antip
G8038Ami-cad inelig antiplate mea
G8039Cad pt w/ldl>100mg/dl
G8040Cad pt w/ldl
G8041Cad pt not eligible for ldl
G8051Osteoporosis assess
G8052Osteopor pt not assess
G8053Pt inelig for osteopor meas
G8054Falls assess not docum 12 mo
G8055Falls assess w/ 12 mon
G8056Not elig for falls assessmen
G8057Hearing assess receive
G8058Pt w/o hearing assess
G8059Pt inelig for hearing assess
G8060Urinary incont pt assess
G8061Pt not assess for urinary in
G8062Pt not elig for urinary inco
G8075Esrd pt w/ dialy of urr>=65%
G8076Esrd pt w/ dialy of urr<65%
G8077Esrd pt not elig for urr/ktv
G8078Esrd pt w/hct>or=33
G8079Esrd pt w/hct<33
G8080Esrd pt inelig for hct/hgb
G8081Esrd pt w/ auto av fistula
G8082Esrd pt w other fistula
G8085Esrd pt inelig auto av fistu
G8093Copd pt rec smoking cessat
G8094Copd pt w/o smoke cessat int
G8099Osteopo pt given ca+vitd sup
G8100Osteop pt inelig for ca+vitd
G8103New dx osteo pt w/antiresorp
G8104Osteo pt inelig for antireso
G8106Bone dens meas test perf
G8107Bone dens meas test inelig
G8108Pt receiv influenza vacc
G8109Pt w/o influenza vacc
G8110Pt inelig for influenza vacc
G8111Pt receiv mammogram
G8112Pt not doc mammogram
G8113Pt ineligible mammography
G8114Care not provided for mamogr
G8115Pt receiv pneumo vacc
G8116Pt did not rec pneumo vacc
G8117Pt was inelig for pneumo vac
G8126Pt treat w/antidepress12wks
G8127Pt not treat w/antidepres12w
G8128Pt inelig for antidepres med
G8129Pt treat w/antidepres for 6m
G8130Pt not treat w/antidepres 6m
G8131Pt inelig for antidepres med
G8152Pt w/ab 1 hr prior to incisi
G8153Pt not doc for ab 1 hr prior
G8154Pt ineligi for ab therapy
G8155Pt recd thromboemb prophylax
G8156Pt did not rec thromboembo
G8157Pt ineligi for thrombolism
G8159Pt w/cabg w/o ima
G8162Iso cabg pt w/o preop bblock
G8164Iso cabg pt w/prolng intub
G8165Iso cabg pt w/o prolng intub
G8166Iso cabg req surg rexpo
G8167Iso cabg w/o surg explo
G8170Cea/ext bypass pt on aspirin
G8171Pt w/carot endarct/ext bypas
G8172Cea/ext bypass pt not on asp
G8182Cad pt care not prov ldl
G8183Hf/atrial fib pt on warfarin
G8184Hf/atrial fib pt inelig warf
G8185Osteoarth pt w/ assess pain
G8186Osteoarth pt inelig assess
G8193Antibio not doc prior surg
G8196Antibio not docum prior surg
G8200Cefazolin not docum prophy
G8204Md not doc order to d/c anti
G8209Clinician did not doc
G8214Clini not doc order vte
G8217Pt not received dvt proph
G8219Received dvt proph day 2
G8220Pt not rec dvt proph day 2
G8221Pt inelig for dvt proph
G8223Pt not doc for presc antipla
G8226Pt no prescr anticoa at d/c
G8231Pt not doc for admin t-pa
G8234Pt not doc dysphagia screen
G8238Pt not doc to rec rehab serv
G8240Inter carotid stenosis30-99%
G8243Pt not doc mri/ct w/o lesion
G8246Pt inelig hx w new/chg mole
G8248Pt w/one alarm symp not doc
G8251Pt not doc w/barretts, endo
G8254Pt w/no doc order for barium
G8257Pt not doc rev meds d/c
G8260Pt not doc to have dec maker
G8263Pt not doc assess urinary in
G8266Pt not doc charc urin incon
G8268Pt not doc rec care urin inc
G8271Pt no doc screen fall
G8274Clini not doc pres/abs alarm
G8276Pt not doc mole change
G8279Pt not doc rec pe
G8282Pt not doc to rec couns
G8285Pt did not rec pres osteo
G8289Pt not doc rec ca/vit d
G8293Copd pt w/o spir results
G8296Copd pt not doc bronch ther
G8298Pt doc optic nerve eval
G8299Pt not doc optic nerv eval
G8302Pt doc w/ target iop
G8303Pt not doc w/ iop
G8304Clin doc pt inelig iop
G8305Clin not prov care poag
G8306Poag w/ iop rec care plan
G8307Poag w/ iop no care plan
G8308Poag w/ iop not doc plan
G8310Pt not doc rec antiox
G8314Pt not doc to rec mac exam
G8318Pt doc not have visual func
G8322Pt not doc pre axial leng
G8326Pt not doc rec fundus exam
G8330Pt not doc rec dilated mac
G8334Doc of macular not giv md
G8338Clin not doc pt test osteo
G8341Pt not doc for dexa
G8345Pt not doc have dexa
G8351Pt not doc ecg
G8354Pt not rec aspirin prior er
G8357Pt not doc to have ecg
G8360Pt not doc vital signs recor
G8362Pt not doc 02 sat assess
G8365Pt not doc mental status
G8367Pt not doc have empiric ab
G8370Asthma pt w survey not docum
G8371Chemother not rec stg3 colon
G8372Chemother rec stg3 colon ca
G8373Chemo plan documen prior che
G8374Chemo plan not doc prior che
G8375Cll pt w/o doc flow cytometr
G8376Brst ca pt inelig tamoxifen
G8377Md doc colon ca pt inelig ch
G8378Md doc pt inelig radiation
G8379Doc radiat tx recom 12mo ov
G8380Pt w stgic-3brst ca not rec
G8381Pt w stgic-3brst ca rec tam
G8382Mm pt w/o doc iv bisphophon
G8383No doc radiation rec 12mo ov
G8384Base cytogen test mds notper
G8385Diabet pt no do hgb a1c 12m
G8386Diabet pt nodoc ldliprotei
G8387Esrd pt w hct/hgb not docume
G8388Esrd pt w urr/ktv notdoc eli
G8389Mds pt no doc fe st prio epo
G8390Diabetic w/o document bp 12m
G8391Pt w asthma no doc med or tx
G8395Lvef>=40% doc normal or mild
G8396Lvef not performed
G8397Dil macula/fundus exam/w doc
G8398Dil macular/fundus not perfo
G8399Pt w/dxa document or order
G8400Pt w/dxa no document or orde
G8401Pt inelig osteo screen measu
G8402Smoke preven interven counse
G8403Smoke preven nocounsel
G8404Low extemity neur exam docum
G8405Low extemity neur not perfor
G8406Pt inelig lower extrem neuro
G8407Abi documented
G8408Abi not documented
G8409Pt inelig for abi measure
G8410Eval on foot documented
G8415Eval on foot not performed
G8416Pt inelig footwear evaluatio
G8417Calc bmi abv up param f/u
G8418Calc bmi blw low param f/u
G8419Calc bmi out nrm param nof/u
G8420Calc bmi norm parameters
G8421Bmi not calculated
G8422Pt inelig bmi calculation
G8423Pt screen flu vac & counsel
G8424Flu vaccine not screen
G8425Flu vaccine screen not curre
G8426Pt not approp screen & counc
G8427Doc cur meds by prov
G8428Cur meds not document
G8429Incomplete doc pt on meds
G8430Pt inelig med check
G8431Pos clin depres scrn f/u doc
G8432Clin depression screen not d
G8433Pt inelig; scrn clin dep
G8434Cognitive impairment screen
G8435Cognitive screen not documen
G8436Pt inelig for cognitive impa
G8437Care plan develop & document
G8438Pt inelig for devlp care pln
G8439Care plan develp & not docum
G8440Pain assess f/u pln document
G8441No document of pain assess
G8442Pt inelig pain assessment
G8443Prescription by e-prescrib s
G8445Prescrip not gen at encounte
G8446Some prescrib print or call
G8447Pt vis doc use ehr cer atcb
G8448Pt vis doc w/pqri qual ehr
G8449Pt not doc w/emr due to syst
G8450Beta-bloc rx pt w/abn lvef
G8451Pt w/abn lvef inelig b-bloc
G8452Pt w/abn lvef b-bloc no rx
G8453Tob use cess int counsel
G8454Tob use cess int no counsel
G8455Current tobacco smoker
G8456Current smkless tobacco user
G8457Cur tobacco non-user
G8458Pt inelig geno no antvir tx
G8459Doc pt rec antivir treat
G8460Pt inelig rna no antvir tx
G8461Pt rec antivir treat hep c
G8462Pt inelig couns no antvir tx
G8463Pt rec antiviral treat doc
G8464Pt inelig; lo to no dter rsk
G8465High risk recurrence pro ca
G8466Pt inelig suic; mdd remis
G8467New dx init/rec episode mdd
G8468Ace/arb rx pt w/abn lvef
G8469Pt w/abn lvef inelig ace/arb
G8470Pt w/ normal lvef
G8471Lvef not performed/doc
G8472Ace/arb no rx pt w/abn lvef
G8473Ace/arb thxpy rx'd
G8474Ace/arb not rx'd; doc reas
G8475Ace/arb thxpy not rx'd
G8476Bp sys <130 and dias <80
G8477Bp sys>=130 and/or dias >=80
G8478Bp not performed/doc
G8479Md rx'd ace/arb thxpy
G8480Pt inelig ace/arb thxpy
G8481Md not rx'd ace/arb thxpy
G8482Flu immunize order/admin
G8483Flu imm no ord/admin doc rea
G8484Flu immunize no order/admin
G8485Report, diabetes measures
G8486Report, prev care measures
G8487Report ckd measures
G8488Report esrd measures
G8489Cad measures grp
G8490Ra measures grp
G8491Hiv/aids measures grp
G8492Periop care measures grp
G8493Back pain measures grp
G8494Dm meas qual act perform
G8495Ckd meas qual act perform
G8496Prev care mg qual act perfrm
G8497Cabg meas qual act perform
G8498Cad meas qual act perform
G8499Ra meas qual act perform
G8500Hiv meas qual act perform
G8501Perio meas qual act perform
G8502Back pain mg qual act perfrm
G8506Pt rec ace/arb
G8507Pt inelig pt verif meds
G8508Pt inelig; pain asses no f/u
G8509Pos pain assess no f/u doc
G8510Pt inelig neg scrn depres
G8511Clin depres scrn no f/u doc
G8518Clin stg b/f lun/eso ca surg
G8519Pt in; clin ca stg b/f surg
G8520Clin stg b/f surg not doc
G8524Patch closure conv cea
G8525No patch closure cea
G8526No patch closure conv cea
G8530Auto av fistula recd
G8531Pt inelig; auto av fistula
G8532No auto av fistula; no reas
G8534Doc elder mal scrn f/u plan
G8535Pt inelig no eld mal scrn
G8536No doc elder mal scrn
G8537Pt inelig eldmal scrn no f/u
G8538Eld mal scrn no f/u pln
G8539Doc funct and care plan
G8540Pt inelig funct assess
G8541No doc cur funct assess
G8542Doc funct no deficiencies
G8543Cur funct asses; no care pln
G8544Cabg measures grp
G8545Hepc measures grp
G8546Cap measures grp
G8547Ivd measures grp
G8548Hf measures grp
G8549Hepc mg qual act perform
G8550Cap mg qual act perform
G8551Hf mg qual act perform
G8552Ivd mg qual act perform
G8553Prescrip transmit via erx sy
G8556Ref to doc otolog eval
G8557Pt inelig ref otolog eval
G8558No ref to doc otolog eval
G8559Pt ref doc oto eval
G8560Pt hx act drain prev 90 days
G8561Pt inelig for ref oto eval
G8562Pt no hx act drain 90 d
G8563Pt no ref oto reas no spec
G8564Pt ref oto eval
G8565Ver doc hear loss
G8566Pt inelig ref oto eval
G8567Pt no doc hear loss
G8568Pt no ref otolo no spec
G8569Prol intubation req
G8570No prol intub req
G8571Ster wd ifx 30 d postop
G8572No ster wd ifx
G8573Stk cabg
G8574No strk cabg
G8575Postop ren fail
G8576No postop ren fail
G8577Reop req bld grft oth
G8578No reop req bld grft oth
G8579Antplt med disch
G8580Antplt med contraind
G8581No antplt med disch
G8582Bblock disch
G8583Bblock contraind
G8584No bblock disch
G8585Antilipid treat disch
G8586Antlip disch contra
G8587No antlipid treat disch
G8588Sys bp <140
G8589Sys bp >= 140
G8590Dia bp < 90
G8591Dia bp >= 90
G8592No bp measure
G8593Lipid pn results
G8594No lipid prof perf
G8595Ldl < 100
G8596No ldl perf
G8597Ldl >= 100
G8598Asp therp used
G8599No asp therp used
G8600Tpa initi w/in 3 hrs
G8601No elig tpa init w/in 3 hrs
G8602No tpa init w/in 3 hrs
G8603Spok lang comp score
G8604No high score spok lang
G8605No spok lang comp score
G8606Attention score
G8607No high score attention
G8608No attention score
G8609Memory score
G8610No high score memory
G8611No memory score
G8612Moto speech score
G8613No high score moto speech
G8614No moto speech score
G8615Reading score
G8616No high score reading
G8617No reading score
G8618Spok lang exp score
G8619No high score spok lang exp
G8620No spok lang exp score
G8621Writing score
G8622No high score writing
G8623No writing score
G8624Swallowing score
G8625No high score swallowing
G8626No swallowing score
G8627Surg proc w/in 30 days
G8628No surg proc w/in 30 days
G8629Doc antibio order b/4 surg
G8630Doc antibio given b/4 surg
G8631Pt no elg 4 order antbi give
G8632Doc no antibi order b/4 surg
G8633Pharm ther osteo rx
G8634Pt no elg phar ther osteo
G8635No pharm ther osteo rx
G8636Flu immun admin/prev rec
G8637Pt no elg receiv flu immun
G8638Flu immun no admin/prev rec
G8639Flu immun admin or prev rec
G8640Pt no elg rec flu immun
G8641Flu immun not admin/pre rec
G8642Hrdshp rural w/o internet
G8643Hrdshp w/o suff pharm w/erx
G8644Ep no prescribe priv
G8645Asthma measures grp
G8646Asthma mg qual act perform
G8647Fun stat score knee >= 0
G8648Fun stat score knee < 0
G8649Fun stat score knee pt noelg
G8650Fun stat score knee not done
G8651Fun stat score hip >= 0
G8652Fun stat score hip < 0
G8653Fun stat score hip pt no elg
G8654Fun stat score hip not done
G8655Fun stat score le >= 0
G8656Fun stat score le < 0
G8657Fun stat score le pt no elg
G8658Fun stat score le not done
G8659Fun stat score ls >= 0
G8660Fun stat score ls < 0
G8661Fun stat score ls pt no elg
G8662Fun stat score ls not done
G8663Fun stat score shdl >=0
G8664Fun stat score shdl < 0
G8665Fun stat score shdl pt no el
G8666Fun stat score shdl not done
G8667Fun stat score ue >=0
G8668Fun stat score ue < 0
G8669Fun stat score ue pt no elg
G8670Fun stat score ue not done
G8671Fun stat score neck/ts >=0
G8672Fun stat score neck/ts < 0
G8673Fun stat scor nek/ts pt no e
G8674Fun stat scor nek/ts not don
G8675Bp syst >= 140 mmhg
G8676Bp diast >= 90 mmhg
G8677Bp syst < 130 mmhg
G8678Bp syst >=130 - 139 mmhg
G8679Bp diast < 80 mmhg
G8680Bp diast 80-89 mmhg
G8681Pt hosp w/hf
G8682Lvg test perf
G8683Pt not elig for lvf test
G8684Pt not hosp w/hf
G8685Lvf test not perf
G8686Toba smkr curr or 2 hand exp
G8687No tob smkr cur no 2 hnd exp
G8688Smkls tob cur; no 2 hnd exp
G8689Toba use not assess
G8690Curr toba smkr or 2 hand exp
G8691No cur tob smkr no 2 hnd exp
G8692Curr smkls tob; no 2 hnd exp
G8693Tobacco no assess
G8694Lvef <40%
G8695Lvef >=40%
G8696Antithromb thx presc
G8697Antithromb no presc doc reas
G8698Antithromb no presc no reas
G8699Rehab ordered disch
G8700Rehab not indicated disch
G8701Rehab not ordered
G8702Antiobiotics 4 hr prior surg
G8703Antibiotics not prior surg
G8704Ecg performed
G8705Med reas no ecg
G8706Pt reas no ecg
G8707Ecg not performed
G8708Antibiotic not pres
G8709Med reas antibiotic pres
G8710Pt pres antibiotic
G8711Pres antibiotic
G8712Not pres antibiotic
G8713Spkt/v great 1.2 kt/v
G8714Hemodialysis 3 times week
G8715Hemodialysis not 3 times wk
G8716Pt reas not great 1.2kt/v
G8717Less 1.2 kt/v
G8718Great 1.7 kt/v per week
G8720Less 1.7 kt/v per week
G8721Pt, pn, hist grade doc
G8722Med reas pt, pn, not doc
G8723Spec sit not prim tumor
G8724Pt, pn, hist grade not doc
G8725Lipid profile perf doc
G8726Doc reas no lipid profile
G8727Hemo, perit, or kidney trans
G8728Lipid profile not perf
G8730Pain doc pos and plan
G8731Pain neg no plan
G8732No doc of pain
G8733Doc pos elder mal scrn plan
G8734Doc neg elder mal no plan
G8735Eld mal scrn pos no plan
G8736Ldl-c <100mg/dl
G8737Ldl-c >=100mg/dl
G8738Lvef < 40%
G8739Lvef >= 40%
G8740Lvef not perfrmd
G8741Not tx spoken lang
G8742Not tx attention
G8743Not tx memory
G8744Not tx motor speech
G8745Not tx reading
G8746Not tx spoken lang express
G8747Not tx writing
G8748Not tx swallowing
G8749Signs of melanoma absent
G8750Signs of melanoma present
G8751Smkg status not assess
G8752Sys bp less 140
G8753Sys bp > or = 140
G8754Dias bp less 90
G8755Dias bp > or = 90
G8756No bp measure doc
G8757Copd mg qual act perform
G8758Ibd mg qual act perform
G8759Osa mg qual act perform
G8760Epilepsy mg qual act perform
G8761Dementia mg qual act perform
G8762Pd mg qual act perform
G8763Hyperten mg qual act perform
G8764Car prev mg qual act perform
G8765Cataract mg qual act perform
G8767Lipid panel res doc rev
G8768Doc med reas no lipid profle
G8769Lipid profile not perform
G8770Urine protein test doc rev
G8771Doc dx ckd
G8772Doc med reas no urine protn
G8773No urine protein test
G8774Serum creatinine doc rev
G8775Doc med reas no serum crtn
G8776No serum creatinine test
G8777Diabetes screen
G8778Doc med reas no diabete scrn
G8779No diabetes screen
G8780Counsel diet phys activity
G8781Doc med reas no counsel diet
G8782No counsel diet phys act
G8783Bp scrn perf rec interval
G8784Pt no elig for bp assess
G8785Bp scrn no perf at interval
G8786Severity of angina assess
G8787Angina present
G8788Angina absent
G8789Severity angina not assess
G8790Systolic <130mmhg
G8791Systolic 130-139mmhg
G8792Systolic >=140mmhg
G8793Diastolic <80mmhg
G8794Diastolic 80-89mmhg
G8795Diastolic >=90mmhg
G8796Bp not doc
G8797Specimen site not esophagus
G8798Specimen site not prostate
G8799Anticoag ordered
G8800Doc reas anticoag not order
G8801Anticoag not ordered
G8802Pregnancy test order
G8803Doc reas no pregnancy test
G8805Pregnancy test not order
G8806Transab or transvag us
G8807Doc reas no us
G8808No transab or transvag us
G8809Rh-immunoglobulin order
G8810Doc reas no rh-immuno
G8811No rh-immunoglobulin order
G8812Pt not elig cta, duplex, mra
G8813Cta, duplex, mra performed
G8814No cta, duplex, mra
G8815Doc reas no statin therapy
G8816Statin med pres at disch
G8817Doc reas no statin med disch
G8818Pt disch to home by day#7
G8819Aneurysm <= 5.5 cm
G8820Aneurysm 5.6-6.0 cm
G8821Aneurysm not infarenal
G8822Male aneurysms >6cm
G8823Female aneurysm >6cm
G8824Female aneurysm 5.6-6.0 cm
G8825Pt not disch to home day#7
G8826Pt disch home day #2 evar
G8827Aneurysm <= 5.5cm for women
G8828Aneurysm <= 5.5cm for men
G8829Aneurysm 5.6-6.0 cm for men
G8830Aneurysm >6cm for men
G8831Aneurysm >-6cm for women
G8832Aneurysm 5.6-6.0 women
G8833Pt not disch home day#2 evar
G8834Pt disch home day #2 cea
G8835Asymptom no trans
G8836Stroke or tia <120 days cea
G8837Stroke or tia >120 days cea
G8838Not disch home by day #2
G8839Sleep apnea assess
G8840Doc reas no sleep apnea
G8841No sleep apnea assess
G8842Ahi or rdi initial dx
G8843Doc reas no ahi or rdi
G8844No ahi or rdi initial dx
G8845Pos airway press prescribed
G8846Mod or severe osa
G8847Pos air press not prescribed
G8848Mild osa
G8849Doc reas no pos air press
G8850No pap prescribed
G8851Adhere pos air press therapy
G8852Pos air press prescribe
G8853Pos air press not prescribe
G8854Reas no adhere pos air pres
G8855Pos air press adhere no perf
G8856Ref for oto eval
G8857No elig ref for oto eval
G8858Not ref for oto eval
G8859Corticosteroids 10mg 60 days
G8860Corticosteroid 10 mg 60 days
G8861Dxa ordered for osteo
G8862No corticostrd 10mg 60 days
G8863No assess bone loss
G8864Pneumococcal vaccine admin
G8865Doc med reas no pneumococcal
G8866Doc pt reas no pneumococcal
G8867No pneumococcal admin
G88681st course antitnf
G8869Doc immun hep b 1st antitnf
G8870Hepb admin 1st antitnf
G8871No 1st antitnf
G8872Intraop image confirm excise
G8873Specimen not intraop image
G8874Tissue not image intraop
G8875Breast cancer dx min invsive
G8876Doc reas no min inv dx
G8877No brst cncr dx min invasive
G8878Sent lymph node biopsy
G8879Node neg inv brst cncr
G8880Doc reas no lymph node biop
G8881Brst cncr stage > t1n0m0
G8882No sent lymph node biopsy
G8883Rev, comm, track, doc biopsy
G8884Doc reas biopsy not review
G8885No rev, comm, track biopsy
G8886Bp under control
G8887Doc med reas bp not control
G8888Bp not under control
G8889No doc bp
G8890Ldl-c under control
G8891Doc med reas no ldl-c contrl
G8892Doc med reas no ldl-c test
G8893Ldl-c not under control
G8894Ldl-c not performed
G8895Antrom prescribe
G8896Doc med reas no antihtrom
G8897Antithrom not prescribe
G8898Copd measures group
G8899Inflammatory bowel dis mg
G8900Obstructive sleep apnea mg
G8901Epilepsy measures group
G8902Dementia measures group
G8903Parkinson's disease mg
G8904Hypertension mg
G8905Cardiovascular prevention mg
G8906Cataract measures group
G8907Pt doc no events on discharg
G8908Pt doc w burn prior to d/c
G8909Pt doc no burn prior to d/c
G8910Pt doc to have fall in asc
G8911Pt doc no fall in asc
G8912Pt doc with wrong event
G8913Pt doc no wrong event
G8914Pt trans to hosp post d/c
G8915Pt not trans to hosp at d/c
G8916Pt w iv ab given on time
G8917Pt w iv ab not given on time
G8918Pt w/o preop order iv ab pro
G8919Mst rcnt sys bp <140mmg
G8920Mst rcnt sys bp >=140mmhg
G8921Mst rcnt dia bp <90mmhg
G8922Mst rcnt dia bp >=90mmhg
G8923Lvef < 40% or lvsd
G8924Spiro ev1/fvc <60% copd sym
G8925Spiro>=60% or pt no copd sym
G8926Spiro no perf or doc
G8927Adj chem pres ajcc iii
G8928Adj chem not pres rsn spec
G8929Adj cmo not pres rsn not gvn
G8930Assess of dep @ initial eval
G8931Asses of dep not documented
G8932Suicd rsk assessed init eval
G8933Suicide risk not assessed
G8934Lvef <40% or dep lv sys fcn
G8935Rx ace or arb therapy
G8936Pt not eligible ace/arb
G8937No rx ace/arb therapy
G8938Bmi calc, pt no f/u plan elg
G8939Pain assess doc, f/u no doc
G8940Srn clin dep doc no f/u pln
G8941No doc elder scrn, pt no el
G8942Doc fcn/care plan w/30 days
G8943Ldlc not pres w/i 12 mo prir
G8944Ajcc mel cnr stg 0 - iic
G8945Aneurysm <=6 cm for men
G8946Mibm but no dx of breast ca
G89471 or more neuropsych
G8948No neuropsych symptoms
G8949Doc pt reas on counsel diet
G8950Pre-htn or htn doc, f/u indc
G8951Pre-htn/htn doc, no pt f/u
G8952Pre-htn/htn, no f/u, not gvn
G8953Oncology mg qual act perform
G8954Pt data rpt qual clin db reg
G8955Most recent assess vol mgmt
G8956Pt rcv hedia outpt dyls fac
G8957Pt no hedia in outpt fac
G8958Assess vol mgmt not doc
G8959Clin tx mdd comm to tx clin
G8960Clin tx mdd not comm
G8961Csit lowrisk surg pts preop
G8962Csit on pt any reas 30 days
G8963Csi per asx pt w/pci 2 yrs
G8964Csi any other than pci 2 yr
G8965Csit perf on low chd rsk
G8966Csit perf sx or high chd rsk
G8967Wrfrn or oral antigoag pres
G8968Md rsn no pres wrfrn or othr
G8969Pt rsn no pres wrfrn or othr
G8970No rsk fac or 1 mod risk te
G8971Warfrn or othr antcog no rx
G89721>=risk or>= mod risk for te
G8973Mst rcnt hbb < 10g/dl
G8974Hgb not doc rns not gvn
G8975Hgb <10g/dl, med rsn
G8976Hgb >= 10 g/dl
G8977Oncology measures grp
G8978Mobility current status
G8979Mobility goal status
G8980Mobility d/c status
G8981Body pos current status
G8982Body pos goal status
G8983Body pos d/c status
G8984Carry current status
G8985Carry goal status
G8986Carry d/c status
G8987Self care current status
G8988Self care goal status
G8989Self care d/c status
G8990Other pt/ot current status
G8991Other pt/ot goal status
G8992Other pt/ot d/c status
G8993Sub pt/ot current status
G8994Sub pt/ot goal status
G8995Sub pt/ot d/c status
G8996Swallow current status
G8997Swallow goal status
G8998Swallow d/c status
G8999Motor speech current status