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HCPCS Procedure and DMEPOS codes with the prefix G0

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HCPCS Code Short Description
G0008Admin influenza virus vac
G0009Admin pneumococcal vaccine
G0010Admin hepatitis b vaccine
G0027Semen analysis
G0101Ca screen;pelvic/breast exam
G0102Prostate ca screening; dre
G0103Psa screening
G0104Ca screen;flexi sigmoidscope
G0105Colorectal scrn; hi risk ind
G0106Colon ca screen;barium enema
G0108Diab manage trn per indiv
G0109Diab manage trn ind/group
G0117Glaucoma scrn hgh risk direc
G0118Glaucoma scrn hgh risk direc
G0120Colon ca scrn; barium enema
G0121Colon ca scrn not hi rsk ind
G0122Colon ca scrn; barium enema
G0123Screen cerv/vag thin layer
G0124Screen c/v thin layer by md
G0127Trim nail(s)
G0128Corf skilled nursing service
G0129Partial hosp prog service
G0130Single energy x-ray study
G0141Scr c/v cyto,autosys and md
G0143Scr c/v cyto,thinlayer,rescr
G0144Scr c/v cyto,thinlayer,rescr
G0145Scr c/v cyto,thinlayer,rescr
G0147Scr c/v cyto, automated sys
G0148Scr c/v cyto, autosys, rescr
G0151Hhcp-serv of pt,ea 15 min
G0152Hhcp-serv of ot,ea 15 min
G0153Hhcp-svs of s/l path,ea 15mn
G0154Hhcp-svs of rn,ea 15 min
G0155Hhcp-svs of csw,ea 15 min
G0156Hhcp-svs of aide,ea 15 min
G0157Hhc pt assistant ea 15
G0158Hhc ot assistant ea 15
G0159Hhc pt maint ea 15 min
G0160Hhc occup therapy ea 15
G0161Hhc slp ea 15 min
G0162Hhc rn e&m plan svs, 15 min
G0163Hhc lpn/rn obs/asses ea 15
G0164Hhc lis nurse train ea 15
G0166Extrnl counterpulse, per tx
G0168Wound closure by adhesive
G0173Linear acc stereo radsur com
G0175Opps service,sched team conf
G0176Opps/php;activity therapy
G0177Opps/php; train & educ serv
G0179Md recertification hha pt
G0180Md certification hha patient
G0181Home health care supervision
G0182Hospice care supervision
G0186Dstry eye lesn,fdr vssl tech
G0219Pet img wholbod melano nonco
G0235Pet not otherwise specified
G0237Therapeutic procd strg endur
G0238Oth resp proc, indiv
G0239Oth resp proc, group
G0245Initial foot exam pt lops
G0246Followup eval of foot pt lop
G0247Routine footcare pt w lops
G0248Demonstrate use home inr mon
G0249Provide inr test mater/equip
G0250Md inr test revie inter mgmt
G0251Linear acc based stero radio
G0252Pet imaging initial dx
G0255Current percep threshold tst
G0257Unsched dialysis esrd pt hos
G0259Inject for sacroiliac joint
G0260Inj for sacroiliac jt anesth
G0268Removal of impacted wax md
G0269Occlusive device in vein art
G0270Mnt subs tx for change dx
G0271Group mnt 2 or more 30 mins
G0275Renal angio, cardiac cath
G0278Iliac art angio,cardiac cath
G0281Elec stim unattend for press
G0282Elect stim wound care not pd
G0283Elec stim other than wound
G0288Recon, cta for surg plan
G0289Arthro, loose body + chondro
G0290Drug-eluting stents, single
G0291Drug-eluting stents,each add
G0293Non-cov surg proc,clin trial
G0294Non-cov proc, clinical trial
G0295Electromagnetic therapy onc
G0302Pre-op service lvrs complete
G0303Pre-op service lvrs 10-15dos
G0304Pre-op service lvrs 1-9 dos
G0305Post op service lvrs min 6
G0306Cbc/diffwbc w/o platelet
G0307Cbc without platelet
G0328Fecal blood scrn immunoassay
G0329Electromagntic tx for ulcers
G0333Dispense fee initial 30 day
G0337Hospice evaluation preelecti
G0339Robot lin-radsurg com, first
G0340Robt lin-radsurg fractx 2-5
G0341Percutaneous islet celltrans
G0342Laparoscopy islet cell trans
G0343Laparotomy islet cell transp
G0364Bone marrow aspirate &biopsy
G0365Vessel mapping hemo access
G0372Md service required for pmd
G0378Hospital observation per hr
G0379Direct refer hospital observ
G0380Lev 1 hosp type b ed visit
G0381Lev 2 hosp type b ed visit
G0382Lev 3 hosp type b ed visit
G0383Lev 4 hosp type b ed visit
G0384Lev 5 hosp type b ed visit
G0389Ultrasound exam aaa screen
G0390Trauma respons w/hosp criti
G0396Alcohol/subs interv 15-30mn
G0397Alcohol/subs interv >30 min
G0398Home sleep test/type 2 porta
G0399Home sleep test/type 3 porta
G0400Home sleep test/type 4 porta
G0402Initial preventive exam
G0403Ekg for initial prevent exam
G0404Ekg tracing for initial prev
G0405Ekg interpret & report preve
G0406Inpt/tele follow up 15
G0407Inpt/tele follow up 25
G0408Inpt/tele follow up 35
G0409Corf related serv 15 mins ea
G0410Grp psych partial hosp 45-50
G0411Inter active grp psych parti
G0412Open tx iliac spine uni/bil
G0413Pelvic ring fracture uni/bil
G0414Pelvic ring fx treat int fix
G0415Open tx post pelvic fxcture
G0416Sat biopsy 10-20
G0417Sat biopsy prostate 21-40
G0418Sat biopsy prostate 41-60
G0419Sat biopsy prostate: >60
G0420Ed svc ckd ind per session
G0421Ed svc ckd grp per session
G0422Intens cardiac rehab w/exerc
G0423Intens cardiac rehab no exer
G0424Pulmonary rehab w exer
G0425Inpt/ed teleconsult30
G0426Inpt/ed teleconsult50
G0427Inpt/ed teleconsult70
G0428Collagen meniscus implant
G0429Dermal filler injection(s)
G0430Drug screen multi class
G0431Drug screen multiple class
G0432Eia hiv-1/hiv-2 screen
G0433Elisa hiv-1/hiv-2 screen
G0434Drug screen multi drug class
G0435Oral hiv-1/hiv-2 screen
G0436Tobacco-use counsel 3-10 min
G0437Tobacco-use counsel>10min
G0438Ppps, initial visit
G0439Ppps, subseq visit
G0440Skin/dermal subs init 25or<
G0441Skin/dermal subs each additi
G0442Annual alcohol screen 15 min
G0443Brief alcohol misuse counsel
G0444Depression screen annual
G0445High inten beh couns std 30m
G0446Intens behave ther cardio dx
G0447Behavior counsel obesity 15m
G0448Place perm pacing cardiovert
G0451Devlopment test interpt&rep
G0452Molecular pathology interpr
G0453Cont intraop neuro monitor
G0454Md document visit by npp
G0455Fecal microbiota prep instil
G0456Neg pre wound <=50 sq cm
G0457Neg pres wound >50 sq cm
G0458Ldr prostate brachy comp rat
G0459Telehealth inpt pharm mgmt
G0460Autologous prp for ulcers
G0461Immunohisto/cyto chem 1st st
G0462Immunohisto/cyto chem add
G0463Hospital outpt clinic visit
G0908Hgb > 12 g/dl
G0909Hbg not doc
G0910Hgb <= 12 g/dl
G0911Assess activity symptoms
G0912No assess activity symptoms
G0913Improve visual funct
G0914Survey not complete
G0915No improve visual funct
G0916Satisfy with care
G0917Satisfy survey not complete
G0918No satisfy with care
G0919Flu immunize not avail
G0920Type loc act doc
G0921Doc pt reas no assess
G0922Type loc act not doc