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HCPCS Procedure and DMEPOS codes with the prefix C1

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HCPCS Code Short Description
C1204Tc 99m tilmanocept
C1300Hyperbaric oxygen
C1713Anchor/screw bn/bn,tis/bn
C1714Cath, trans atherectomy, dir
C1715Brachytherapy needle
C1716Brachytx, non-str, gold-198
C1717Brachytx, non-str,hdr ir-192
C1719Brachytx, ns, non-hdrir-192
C1721Aicd, dual chamber
C1722Aicd, single chamber
C1724Cath, trans atherec,rotation
C1725Cath, translumin non-laser
C1726Cath, bal dil, non-vascular
C1727Cath, bal tis dis, non-vas
C1728Cath, brachytx seed adm
C1729Cath, drainage
C1730Cath, ep, 19 or few elect
C1731Cath, ep, 20 or more elec
C1732Cath, ep, diag/abl, 3d/vect
C1733Cath, ep, othr than cool-tip
C1749Endo, colon, retro imaging
C1750Cath, hemodialysis,long-term
C1751Cath, inf, per/cent/midline
C1753Cath, intravas ultrasound
C1754Catheter, intradiscal
C1755Catheter, intraspinal
C1756Cath, pacing, transesoph
C1757Cath, thrombectomy/embolect
C1758Catheter, ureteral
C1759Cath, intra echocardiography
C1760Closure dev, vasc
C1762Conn tiss, human(inc fascia)
C1763Conn tiss, non-human
C1764Event recorder, cardiac
C1765Adhesion barrier
C1767Generator, neuro non-recharg
C1768Graft, vascular
C1769Guide wire
C1770Imaging coil, mr, insertable
C1771Rep dev, urinary, w/sling
C1772Infusion pump, programmable
C1773Ret dev, insertable
C1776Joint device (implantable)
C1777Lead, aicd, endo single coil
C1778Lead, neurostimulator
C1779Lead, pmkr, transvenous vdd
C1780Lens, intraocular (new tech)
C1781Mesh (implantable)
C1783Ocular imp, aqueous drain de
C1784Ocular dev, intraop, det ret
C1785Pmkr, dual, rate-resp
C1786Pmkr, single, rate-resp
C1787Patient progr, neurostim
C1788Port, indwelling, imp
C1789Prosthesis, breast, imp
C1813Prosthesis, penile, inflatab
C1814Retinal tamp, silicone oil
C1815Pros, urinary sph, imp
C1816Receiver/transmitter, neuro
C1817Septal defect imp sys
C1818Integrated keratoprosthesis
C1819Tissue localization-excision
C1820Generator neuro rechg bat sy
C1821Interspinous implant
C1830Power bone marrow bx needle
C1840Telescopic intraocular lens
C1841Retinal prosth int/ext comp
C1874Stent, coated/cov w/del sys
C1875Stent, coated/cov w/o del sy
C1876Stent, non-coa/non-cov w/del
C1877Stent, non-coat/cov w/o del
C1878Matrl for vocal cord
C1879Tissue marker, implantable
C1880Vena cava filter
C1881Dialysis access system
C1882Aicd, other than sing/dual
C1883Adapt/ext, pacing/neuro lead
C1884Embolization protect syst
C1885Cath, translumin angio laser
C1886Catheter, ablation
C1887Catheter, guiding
C1888Endovas non-cardiac abl cath
C1891Infusion pump,non-prog, perm
C1893Intro/sheath, fixed,non-peel
C1894Intro/sheath, non-laser
C1895Lead, aicd, endo dual coil
C1896Lead, aicd, non sing/dual
C1897Lead, neurostim test kit
C1898Lead, pmkr, other than trans
C1899Lead, pmkr/aicd combination
C1900Lead, coronary venous