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HCPCS Procedure and DMEPOS codes with the prefix A4

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HCPCS Code Short Description
A42061 cc sterile syringe&needle
A42072 cc sterile syringe&needle
A42083 cc sterile syringe&needle
A42095+ cc sterile syringe&needle
A4210Nonneedle injection device
A4211Supp for self-adm injections
A4212Non coring needle or stylet
A421320+ cc syringe only
A4215Sterile needle
A4216Sterile water/saline, 10 ml
A4217Sterile water/saline, 500 ml
A4218Sterile saline or water
A4220Infusion pump refill kit
A4221Maint drug infus cath per wk
A4222Infusion supplies with pump
A4223Infusion supplies w/o pump
A4230Infus insulin pump non needl
A4231Infusion insulin pump needle
A4232Syringe w/needle insulin 3cc
A4233Alkalin batt for glucose mon
A4234J-cell batt for glucose mon
A4235Lithium batt for glucose mon
A4236Silvr oxide batt glucose mon
A4244Alcohol or peroxide per pint
A4245Alcohol wipes per box
A4246Betadine/phisohex solution
A4247Betadine/iodine swabs/wipes
A4248Chlorhexidine antisept
A4250Urine reagent strips/tablets
A4252Blood ketone test or strip
A4253Blood glucose/reagent strips
A4255Glucose monitor platforms
A4256Calibrator solution/chips
A4257Replace lensshield cartridge
A4258Lancet device each
A4259Lancets per box
A4261Cervical cap contraceptive
A4262Temporary tear duct plug
A4263Permanent tear duct plug
A4264Intratubal occlusion device
A4267Male condom
A4268Female condom
A4270Disposable endoscope sheath
A4280Brst prsths adhsv attchmnt
A4281Replacement breastpump tube
A4282Replacement breastpump adpt
A4283Replacement breastpump cap
A4284Replcmnt breast pump shield
A4285Replcmnt breast pump bottle
A4286Replcmnt breastpump lok ring
A4290Sacral nerve stim test lead
A4300Cath impl vasc access portal
A4301Implantable access syst perc
A4305Drug delivery system >=50 ml
A4306Drug delivery system <=50 ml
A4310Insert tray w/o bag/cath
A4311Catheter w/o bag 2-way latex
A4312Cath w/o bag 2-way silicone
A4313Catheter w/bag 3-way
A4314Cath w/drainage 2-way latex
A4315Cath w/drainage 2-way silcne
A4316Cath w/drainage 3-way
A4320Irrigation tray
A4321Cath therapeutic irrig agent
A4322Irrigation syringe
A4326Male external catheter
A4327Fem urinary collect dev cup
A4328Fem urinary collect pouch
A4330Stool collection pouch
A4331Extension drainage tubing
A4332Lube sterile packet
A4333Urinary cath anchor device
A4334Urinary cath leg strap
A4335Incontinence supply
A4336Urethral insert
A4338Indwelling catheter latex
A4340Indwelling catheter special
A4344Cath indw foley 2 way silicn
A4346Cath indw foley 3 way
A4349Disposable male external cat
A4351Straight tip urine catheter
A4352Coude tip urinary catheter
A4353Intermittent urinary cath
A4354Cath insertion tray w/bag
A4355Bladder irrigation tubing
A4356Ext ureth clmp or compr dvc
A4357Bedside drainage bag
A4358Urinary leg or abdomen bag
A4360Disposable ext urethral dev
A4361Ostomy face plate
A4362Solid skin barrier
A4363Ostomy clamp, replacement
A4364Adhesive, liquid or equal
A4366Ostomy vent
A4367Ostomy belt
A4368Ostomy filter
A4369Skin barrier liquid per oz
A4371Skin barrier powder per oz
A4372Skin barrier solid 4x4 equiv
A4373Skin barrier with flange
A4375Drainable plastic pch w fcpl
A4376Drainable rubber pch w fcplt
A4377Drainable plstic pch w/o fp
A4378Drainable rubber pch w/o fp
A4379Urinary plastic pouch w fcpl
A4380Urinary rubber pouch w fcplt
A4381Urinary plastic pouch w/o fp
A4382Urinary hvy plstc pch w/o fp
A4383Urinary rubber pouch w/o fp
A4384Ostomy faceplt/silicone ring
A4385Ost skn barrier sld ext wear
A4387Ost clsd pouch w att st barr
A4388Drainable pch w ex wear barr
A4389Drainable pch w st wear barr
A4390Drainable pch ex wear convex
A4391Urinary pouch w ex wear barr
A4392Urinary pouch w st wear barr
A4393Urine pch w ex wear bar conv
A4394Ostomy pouch liq deodorant
A4395Ostomy pouch solid deodorant
A4396Peristomal hernia supprt blt
A4397Irrigation supply sleeve
A4398Ostomy irrigation bag
A4399Ostomy irrig cone/cath w brs
A4400Ostomy irrigation set
A4402Lubricant per ounce
A4404Ostomy ring each
A4405Nonpectin based ostomy paste
A4406Pectin based ostomy paste
A4407Ext wear ost skn barr <=4sq"
A4408Ext wear ost skn barr >4sq"
A4409Ost skn barr convex <=4 sq i
A4410Ost skn barr extnd >4 sq
A4411Ost skn barr extnd =4sq
A4412Ost pouch drain high output
A44132 pc drainable ost pouch
A4414Ost sknbar w/o conv<=4 sq in
A4415Ost skn barr w/o conv >4 sqi
A4416Ost pch clsd w barrier/filtr
A4417Ost pch w bar/bltinconv/fltr
A4418Ost pch clsd w/o bar w filtr
A4419Ost pch for bar w flange/flt
A4420Ost pch clsd for bar w lk fl
A4421Ostomy supply misc
A4422Ost pouch absorbent material
A4423Ost pch for bar w lk fl/fltr
A4424Ost pch drain w bar & filter
A4425Ost pch drain for barrier fl
A4426Ost pch drain 2 piece system
A4427Ost pch drain/barr lk flng/f
A4428Urine ost pouch w faucet/tap
A4429Urine ost pouch w bltinconv
A4430Ost urine pch w b/bltin conv
A4431Ost pch urine w barrier/tapv
A4432Os pch urine w bar/fange/tap
A4433Urine ost pch bar w lock fln
A4434Ost pch urine w lock flng/ft
A44351pc ost pch drain hgh output
A4450Non-waterproof tape
A4452Waterproof tape
A4455Adhesive remover per ounce
A4456Adhesive remover, wipes
A4458Reusable enema bag
A4461Surgicl dress hold non-reuse
A4463Surgical dress holder reuse
A4465Non-elastic extremity binder
A4466Elastic garment/covering
A4470Gravlee jet washer
A4480Vabra aspirator
A4481Tracheostoma filter
A4483Moisture exchanger
A4490Above knee surgical stocking
A4495Thigh length surg stocking
A4500Below knee surgical stocking
A4510Full length surg stocking
A4520Incontinence garment anytype
A4550Surgical trays
A4554Disposable underpads
A4555Ca tx e-stim electr/transduc
A4556Electrodes, pair
A4557Lead wires, pair
A4558Conductive gel or paste
A4559Coupling gel or paste
A4561Pessary rubber, any type
A4562Pessary, non rubber,any type
A4566Should sling/vest/abrestrain
A4575Hyperbaric o2 chamber disps
A4580Cast supplies (plaster)
A4590Special casting material
A4595Tens suppl 2 lead per month
A4600Sleeve, inter limb comp dev
A4601Lith ion batt, non-pros use
A4604Tubing with heating element
A4605Trach suction cath close sys
A4606Oxygen probe used w oximeter
A4608Transtracheal oxygen cath
A4611Heavy duty battery
A4612Battery cables
A4613Battery charger
A4614Hand-held pefr meter
A4615Cannula nasal
A4616Tubing (oxygen) per foot
A4617Mouth piece
A4618Breathing circuits
A4619Face tent
A4620Variable concentration mask
A4623Tracheostomy inner cannula
A4624Tracheal suction tube
A4625Trach care kit for new trach
A4626Tracheostomy cleaning brush
A4627Spacer bag/reservoir
A4628Oropharyngeal suction cath
A4629Tracheostomy care kit
A4630Repl bat t.e.n.s. own by pt
A4633Uvl replacement bulb
A4634Replacement bulb th lightbox
A4635Underarm crutch pad
A4636Handgrip for cane etc
A4637Repl tip cane/crutch/walker
A4638Repl batt pulse gen sys
A4639Infrared ht sys replcmnt pad
A4640Alternating pressure pad
A4641Radiopharm dx agent noc
A4642In111 satumomab
A4648Implantable tissue marker
A4649Surgical supplies
A4650Implant radiation dosimeter
A4651Calibrated microcap tube
A4652Microcapillary tube sealant
A4653Pd catheter anchor belt
A4657Syringe w/wo needle
A4660Sphyg/bp app w cuff and stet
A4663Dialysis blood pressure cuff
A4670Automatic bp monitor, dial
A4671Disposable cycler set
A4672Drainage ext line, dialysis
A4673Ext line w easy lock connect
A4674Chem/antisept solution, 8oz
A4680Activated carbon filter, ea
A4690Dialyzer, each
A4706Bicarbonate conc sol per gal
A4707Bicarbonate conc pow per pac
A4708Acetate conc sol per gallon
A4709Acid conc sol per gallon
A4714Treated water per gallon
A4719"y set" tubing
A4720Dialysat sol fld vol > 249cc
A4721Dialysat sol fld vol > 999cc
A4722Dialys sol fld vol > 1999cc
A4723Dialys sol fld vol > 2999cc
A4724Dialys sol fld vol > 3999cc
A4725Dialys sol fld vol > 4999cc
A4726Dialys sol fld vol > 5999cc
A4728Dialysate solution, non-dex
A4730Fistula cannulation set, ea
A4736Topical anesthetic, per gram
A4737Inj anesthetic per 10 ml
A4740Shunt accessory
A4750Art or venous blood tubing
A4755Comb art/venous blood tubing
A4760Dialysate sol test kit, each
A4765Dialysate conc pow per pack
A4766Dialysate conc sol add 10 ml
A4770Blood collection tube/vacuum
A4771Serum clotting time tube
A4772Blood glucose test strips
A4773Occult blood test strips
A4774Ammonia test strips
A4802Protamine sulfate per 50 mg
A4860Disposable catheter tips
A4870Plumb/elec wk hm hemo equip
A4890Repair/maint cont hemo equip
A4911Drain bag/bottle
A4913Misc dialysis supplies noc
A4918Venous pressure clamp
A4927Non-sterile gloves
A4928Surgical mask
A4929Tourniquet for dialysis, ea
A4930Sterile, gloves per pair
A4931Reusable oral thermometer
A4932Reusable rectal thermometer