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HCPCS Procedure and DMEPOS codes with the prefix A0

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HCPCS Code Short Description
A0021Outside state ambulance serv
A0080Noninterest escort in non er
A0090Interest escort in non er
A0100Nonemergency transport taxi
A0110Nonemergency transport bus
A0120Noner transport mini-bus
A0130Noner transport wheelch van
A0140Nonemergency transport air
A0160Noner transport case worker
A0170Transport parking fees/tolls
A0180Noner transport lodgng recip
A0190Noner transport meals recip
A0200Noner transport lodgng escrt
A0210Noner transport meals escort
A0225Neonatal emergency transport
A0380Basic life support mileage
A0382Basic support routine suppls
A0384Bls defibrillation supplies
A0390Advanced life support mileag
A0392Als defibrillation supplies
A0394Als iv drug therapy supplies
A0396Als esophageal intub suppls
A0398Als routine disposble suppls
A0420Ambulance waiting 1/2 hr
A0422Ambulance 02 life sustaining
A0424Extra ambulance attendant
A0425Ground mileage
A0426Als 1
A0430Fixed wing air transport
A0431Rotary wing air transport
A0432Pi volunteer ambulance co
A0433Als 2
A0434Specialty care transport
A0435Fixed wing air mileage
A0436Rotary wing air mileage
A0888Noncovered ambulance mileage
A0998Ambulance response/treatment
A0999Unlisted ambulance service