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HCPCS Modifiers with the prefix U

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HCPCS Code Short Description
U1M/caid care lev 1 state def
U2M/caid care lev 2 state def
U3M/caid care lev 3 state def
U4M/caid care lev 4 state def
U5M/caid care lev 5 state def
U6M/caid care lev 6 state def
U7M/caid care lev 7 state def
U8M/caid care lev 8 state def
U9M/caid care lev 9 state def
UAM/caid care lev 10 state def
UBM/caid care lev 11 state def
UCM/caid care lev 12 state def
UDM/caid care lev 13 state def
UEUsed durable med equipment
UFServices provided, morning
UGServices provided, afternoon
UHServices provided, evening
UJServices provided, night
UKSvc on behalf client-collat
UNTwo patients served
UPThree patients served
UQFour patients served
URFive patients served
USSix or more patients served