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HCPCS Modifiers with the prefix T

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HCPCS Code Short Description
T1Left foot, second digit
T2Left foot, third digit
T3Left foot, fourth digit
T4Left foot, fifth digit
T5Right foot, great toe
T6Right foot, second digit
T7Right foot, third digit
T8Right foot, fourth digit
T9Right foot, fifth digit
TALeft foot, great toe
TCTechnical component
TFIntermediate level of care
TGComplex/high tech level care
THOb tx/srvcs prenatl/postpart
TJChild/adolescent program gp
TKExtra patient or passenger
TLEarly intervention ifsp
TMIndividualized ed prgrm(iep)
TNRural/out of service area
TPMed transprt unloaded vehicl
TQBls by volunteer amb providr
TRSchool-based iep out of dist
TSFollow-up service
TTAdditional patient
TUOvertime payment rate
TVHoliday/weekend payment rate
TWBack-up equipment