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HCPCS Modifiers with the prefix Q

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HCPCS Code Short Description
Q0Invest clinical research
Q1Routine clinical research
Q2Hcfa/ord demo procedure/svc
Q3Live donor surgery/services
Q4Svc exempt - ordrg/rfrng md
Q5Subst md svc, recip bill arr
Q6Locum tenens md service
Q7One class a finding
Q8Two class b findings
Q91 class b & 2 class c fndngs
QCSingle channel monitoring
QDRcrdg/strg in sld st memory
QEPrescribed oxygen < 1 lpm
QFPrscrbd oxygen >4 lpm & port
QGPrescribed oxygen > 4 lpm
QHOxygen cnsrvg dvc w del sys
QJPatient in state/locl custod
QKMed dir 2-4 cncrnt anes proc
QLPatient died after amb call
QMAmbulance arr by provider
QNAmbulance furn by provider
QPIndividually ordered lab tst
QSMonitored anesthesia care
QTRcrdg/strg tape analog recdr
QWClia waived test
QXCrna svc w/ md med direction
QYMedically directed crna
QZCrna svc w/o med dir by md