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HCPCS Modifiers with the prefix K

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HCPCS Code Short Description
K0Lwr ext prost functnl lvl 0
K1Lwr ext prost functnl lvl 1
K2Lwr ext prost functnl lvl 2
K3Lwr ext prost functnl lvl 3
K4Lwr ext prost functnl lvl 4
KAWheelchair add-on option/acc
KB>4 modifiers on claim
KCRepl special pwr wc intrface
KDDrug/biological dme infused
KEBid under round 1 dmepos cb
KFFda class iii device
KGDmepos comp bid prgm no 1
KHDmepos ini clm, pur/1 mo rnt
KIDmepos 2nd or 3rd mo rental
KJDmepos pen pmp or 4-15mo rnt
KKDmepos comp bid prgm no 2
KLDmepos mailorder comp bid
KMRplc facial prosth new imp
KNRplc facial prosth old mod
KOSingle drug unit dose form
KPFirst drug of multi drug u d
KQ2nd/subsqnt drg multi drg ud
KRRental item partial month
KSGlucose monitor supply
KTItem from noncontract supply
KUDmepos comp bid prgm no 3
KVDmepos item, profession serv
KWDmepos comp bid prgm no 4
KXDocumentation on file
KYDmepos comp bid prgm no 5
KZNew cov not implement by m+c