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HCPCS Modifiers with the prefix G

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HCPCS Code Short Description
G1Urr reading of less than 60
G2Urr reading of 60 to 64.9
G3Urr reading of 65 to 69.9
G4Urr reading of 70 to 74.9
G5Urr reading of 75 or greater
G6Esrd patient <6 dialysis/mth
G7Payment limits do not apply
G8Monitored anesthesia care
G9Mac for at risk patient
GALiability waiver ind case
GBClaim resubmitted
GCResident/teaching phys serv
GDUnit of service > mue value
GEResident prim care exception
GFNonphysician serv c a hosp
GGPayment screen mam + diagmam
GHDiag mammo to screening mamo
GJOpt out provider of er srvc
GKActual item/service ordered
GLUpgraded item, no charge
GMMultiple transports
GNOp speech language service
GOOp occupational therapy serv
GPOp pt services
GQTelehealth store and forward
GRService by va resident
GSEpo/darbepoietin reduced 25%
GULiability waiver rout notice
GVAttending phys not hospice
GWService unrelated to term co
GXVoluntary liability notice
GYStatutorily excluded
GZNot reasonable and necessary