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HCPCS Modifiers with the prefix A

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HCPCS Code Short Description
A1Dressing for one wound
A2Dressing for two wounds
A3Dressing for three wounds
A4Dressing for four wounds
A5Dressing for five wounds
A6Dressing for six wounds
A7Dressing for seven wounds
A8Dressing for eight wounds
A9Dressing for 9 or more wound
AAAnesthesia perf by anesgst
ADMd supervision, >4 anes proc
AERegistered dietician
AFSpecialty physician
AGPrimary physician
AHClinical psychologist
AIPrincipal physician of rec
AJClinical social worker
AKNon participating physician
AMPhysician, team member svc
AOProv declined alt pmt method
APNo dtmn of refractive state
AQPhysician service hpsa area
ARPhysician scarcity area
ASAssistant at surgery service
ATAcute treatment
AUUro, ostomy or trach item
AVItem w prosthetic/orthotic
AWItem w a surgical dressing
AXItem w dialysis services
AYItem/service not for esrd tx
AZPhysician serv in dent hpsa