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755.69 - Other Anomalies Of Lower Limb, Including Pelvic Girdle

The ICD 9 Code for Other anomalies of lower limb, including pelvic girdle is listed as 755.69.
Additional information concerning this code and description can be found below including ICD 10 crosswalks / GEMS, and chapter information where available.
ICD 9 CM Field Value
Diagnosis Code: 755.69
Long Description: Other anomalies of lower limb, including pelvic girdle
Short Description: Lower limb anomaly NEC
Chapter: Congenital Anomalies
Block: Other congenital anomalies of limbs (755-755)
Related Descriptions: Assimilation pelvis
Beaked pelvis
Blunderbuss pelvis
Brachymetapodia of first metatarsal
Brachypellic pelvis
Congenital abnormal fusion of femur
Congenital abnormal fusion of fibula
Congenital abnormal fusion of talus
Congenital abnormal fusion of tarsal bone
Congenital abnormal fusion of tibia
Congenital abnormal shape of talus
Congenital abnormal shape of tibia
Congenital absence of ischium
Congenital absence of pelvis and lower limb
Congenital absence of talus
Congenital angulation of tibia
Congenital anomaly of talus
Congenital anomaly of the pelvis
Congenital anomaly of tibia
Congenital ball and socket ankle
Congenital bent pubis
Congenital deformity of ankle joint
Congenital deformity of foot and ankle
Congenital deformity of sacroiliac joint
Congenital fusion of sacroiliac joint
Congenital hypoplasia of ischium
Congenital hypoplasia of talus
Congenital hypoplasia of tibia
Congenital malposition of digit
Congenital malposition of fibula
Congenital malposition of ilium
Congenital malposition of pubis
Congenital malposition of tibia
Congenital malposition of ulna
Congenital misalignment of pubis
Congenital overgrowth of distal lower limb
Congenital overgrowth of lower limb
Congenital overgrowth of partial lower limb
Congenital overgrowth of proximal lower limb
Congenital overgrowth of whole lower limb
Congenital pelvic obliquity
Congenital plagiocephaly with pelvic obliquity
Congenital pseudarthrosis of tibia
Congenital synostosis of lower limb bones
Congenital thickening of femur
Congenital thickening of fibula
Congenital thickening of ilium
Congenital thickening of talus
Congenital thickening of tibia
Congenital undergrowth of lower limb
Congenital undergrowth of partial lower limb
Congenital undergrowth of whole of lower limb
Congenital valgus ankle
Congenital varus ankle
Constriction ring of lower limb
Constriction ring of lower limb with lymphedema
Constriction ring syndrome of lower limb
Constriction ring syndrome of lower limb with amputation
Cordate pelvis
Deventer's pelvis
Dolichopellic pelvis
Duplication of lower limb bone
Duplication of tibia
Dwarf pelvis
External malleolar torsion
Failure of differentiation of bones of lower limb
Funnel-shaped pelvis
High assimilation pelvis
Incomplete ossification of fibula
Incomplete ossification of talus
Incomplete ossification of tarsal bone
Incomplete ossification of tibia
Internal malleolar torsion
Inverted pelvis
Juvenile pelvis
Lack of ossification of calcaneus
Lack of ossification of femur
Low assimilation pelvis
Mesatipellic pelvis
Nagele's pelvis
Pelvis justo major
Pelvis justo minor
Platypellic pelvis
Reniform pelvis
Robert's pelvis
Windblown hand
ICD-10-CM Diagnosis Codes General Equivalence Mappings (GEMS):
ICD-10-CM Code: Q74.2 - Other congenital malformations of lower limb(s), including pelvic girdle (approximate)
ICD-9-CM Siblings (same level / similar specificity) of 755.69:
755.60 - Unspecified anomaly of lower limb
755.61 - Coxa valga, congenital
755.62 - Coxa vara, congenital
755.63 - Other congenital deformity of hip (joint)
755.64 - Congenital deformity of knee (joint)
755.65 - Macrodactylia of toes
755.66 - Other anomalies of toes
755.67 - Anomalies of foot, not elsewhere classified