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742.4 - Other Specified Congenital Anomalies Of Brain

The ICD 9 Code for Other specified congenital anomalies of brain is listed as 742.4.
Additional information concerning this code and description can be found below including ICD 10 crosswalks / GEMS, and chapter information where available.
ICD 9 CM Field Value
Diagnosis Code: 742.4
Long Description: Other specified congenital anomalies of brain
Short Description: Brain anomaly NEC
Chapter: Congenital Anomalies
Block: Other congenital anomalies of nervous system (742-742)
Related Descriptions: Absence of septum pellucidum
Arnold Chiari type 2 without hydrocephalus
Atrophy of corpus callosum
Cerebellar cortical dysplasia
Cerebral cortical dysgenesis
Chiari malformation type III
Colloid cyst of third ventricle
Congenital abnormal shape of cerebellum
Congenital adhesions of cerebral meninges
Congenital cerebellar cortical atrophy
Congenital cerebral cyst
Congenital choroid plexus cyst
Congenital malformation of corpus callosum
Congenital porencephaly
Congenital pseudoporencephaly
Cortical dysplasia
Cortical dysplasia with hemimegalencephaly
Cystic malformation of posterior fossa
Defect of telencephalic division
Dural arteriovenous malformation
Dyke-Davidoff-Masson syndrome
Ecchordosis physaliphora
Ectopic glial tissue
Ectopic gray matter in centrum ovale
Encephalo-ophthalmic dysplasia
Familial aplasia of the vermis
Familial megalencephaly
Fetal choroid plexus cyst
Fetal macrocephaly
Granular cell hypoplasia
Localized cortical dysplasia
Multiple brain anomalies
Multiple congenital cerebral cysts
Muscle eye brain disease
Nodular heterotopia
Olivary heterotopia
Olive dysplasia
Partial absence of septum pellucidum
Persistent Blake's pouch cyst
Posterior fossa arachnoid cyst
Prion disease
Single congenital cerebral cyst
Sporadic megalencephaly
Status marmoratus
X-linked periventricular heterotopia
ICD-10-CM Diagnosis Codes General Equivalence Mappings (GEMS):
ICD-10-CM Code: Q04.5 - Megalencephaly (approximate)
ICD-10-CM Code: Q04.6 - Congenital cerebral cysts (approximate)
ICD-10-CM Code: Q04.8 - Other specified congenital malformations of brain (approximate)
ICD-9-CM Siblings (same level / similar specificity) of 742.4:
742.0 - Encephalocele
742.1 - Microcephalus
742.2 - Congenital reduction deformities of brain
742.3 - Congenital hydrocephalus
742.8 - Other specified congenital anomalies of nervous system
742.9 - Unspecified congenital anomaly of brain, spinal cord, and nervous system