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739.4 - Nonallopathic Lesions, Sacral Region

The ICD 9 Code for Nonallopathic lesions, sacral region is listed as 739.4.
Additional information concerning this code and description can be found below including ICD 10 crosswalks / GEMS, and chapter information where available.
ICD 9 CM Field Value
Diagnosis Code: 739.4
Long Description: Nonallopathic lesions, sacral region
Short Description: Somat dysfunc sacral reg
Chapter: Diseases Of The Musculoskeletal System And Connective Tissue
Block: Osteopathies, Chondropathies, And Acquired Musculoskeletal Deformities (730-739)
Related Descriptions: Anterior sacrum
Anterior translated sacrum
Bilateral sacral extension
Bilateral sacral flexion
Nonallopathic lesion of sacrococcygeal region
Nonallopathic lesion of sacroiliac region
Nonallopathic lesion of the sacral region
Posterior sacrum
Posterior translated sacrum
Rotation dysfunction of the sacrum
Sacral base declination
Sacral extension
Sacral flexion
Sacral shear
Sacral somatic dysfunction
Sacral torsion
Sacroiliac joint somatic dysfunction
Unilateral sacral extension (situation)
Unilateral sacral flexion (situation)
ICD-10-CM Diagnosis Codes General Equivalence Mappings (GEMS):
ICD-10-CM Code: M99.04 - Segmental and somatic dysfunction of sacral region (approximate)
ICD-9-CM Siblings (same level / similar specificity) of 739.4:
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739.1 - Nonallopathic lesions, cervical region
739.2 - Nonallopathic lesions, thoracic region
739.3 - Nonallopathic lesions, lumbar region
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739.6 - Nonallopathic lesions, lower extremities
739.7 - Nonallopathic lesions, upper extremities
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739.9 - Nonallopathic lesions, abdomen and other sites