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724.6 - Disorders Of Sacrum

The ICD 9 Code for Disorders of sacrum is listed as 724.6.
Additional information concerning this code and description can be found below including ICD 10 crosswalks / GEMS, and chapter information where available.
ICD 9 CM Field Value
Diagnosis Code: 724.6
Long Description: Disorders of sacrum
Short Description: Disorders of sacrum
Chapter: Diseases Of The Musculoskeletal System And Connective Tissue
Block: Dorsopathies (720-724)
ICD-10-CM Diagnosis Codes General Equivalence Mappings (GEMS):
ICD-10-CM Code: M43.27 - Fusion of spine, lumbosacral region (approximate)
ICD-10-CM Code: M43.28 - Fusion of spine, sacral and sacrococcygeal region (approximate)
ICD-10-CM Code: M53.2X7 - Spinal instabilities, lumbosacral region (approximate)
ICD-10-CM Code: M53.3 - Sacrococcygeal disorders, not elsewhere classified (approximate)
ICD-9-CM Siblings (same level / similar specificity) of 724.6:
724.1 - Pain in thoracic spine
724.2 - Lumbago
724.3 - Sciatica
724.4 - Thoracic or lumbosacral neuritis or radiculitis, unspecified
724.5 - Backache, unspecified
724.8 - Other symptoms referable to back
724.9 - Other unspecified back disorders