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O43.81 - Placental infarction

The ICD 10 Code for Placental infarction is listed as O43.81.
Additional information concerning this code and description can be found below including ICD 9 crosswalks / GEMS, chapter information, and DRGs where available.

ICD 10 CM Field Value
Diagnosis Code: O43.81
Description: Placental infarction
Chapter Pregnancy, childbirth and the puerperium (O00-O9A)
Block Maternal care related to the fetus and amniotic cavity and possible delivery problems (O30-O48)
Parent O43.8 - Other placental disorders
ICD-10-CM Children (deeper level / typically more specific) of O43.81:
O43.811 - Placental infarction, first trimester
O43.812 - Placental infarction, second trimester
O43.813 - Placental infarction, third trimester
O43.819 - Placental infarction, unspecified trimester
ICD-10-CM Siblings (same level / similar specificity) of O43.81:
O43.89 - Other placental disorders